Our program will automatically calculate quantities of 500 and 1,000 drill packs
or hand-packed drills needed for each color


Fast Order Fulfillment

We strive to fulfill all diamond drill orders within 48 hours of receiving them. Most U.S. customers in the contiguous 48 states will receive their drill orders within 4 to 7 business days from order receipt.

Minimum Total Order of $20 (diamond drills and other items).

Bulk Pricing

We offer bulk drill pricing on standard 500 and 1,000 drill packs only. Any discount is automatically calculated when placing your order as follows:

$1.50/500 Drills $2.25/1,000 Drills Orders ≤ 30,000 drills
15% Discount 15% Discount Orders > 30,000 to ≤ 50,000 drills
33% Discount 33% Discount Orders > 50,000 to ≤ 100,000 drills
37% Discount 37% Discount Orders > 100,000 to ≤ 150,000 drills
40% Discount 40% Discount Orders > 150,000 to ≤ 250,000 drills
43% Discount 43% Discount Orders > 250,000 drills

Please note: There is no discount on AB drills or other special drills

  • Our square drills are of 100% resin material and surpassing in quality and brilliance to most other drills you will find on the Internet or elsewhere. Resin drills are roughly twice the cost of acrylic drills. In addition, our drills are branded with our logo and machine packed which allows fast turn-around times on your orders.
  • Diamond drills are precision molded. Defects will occur in production and we provide plenty extra diamond drills to overcome this.
  • We only sell square diamond drills. Round diamond drills are not available at this time.
  • Colors on screen are for general reference only and may not be an exact match with the actual diamond drills you receive.
  • Dye lots will vary with every manufacturer and every manufacturing run. We recommend you order all the drills needed for your project at one time so that you do not have variations in any one color within an order or diamond painting project.